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Calling all startups!🚀

Recognizing the pivotal role startups play in driving innovation, BIGTECH is pleased to introduce an enticing subsidy program, covering 50% of exhibition fees to allow 100 startups to showcase their innovations, access to an infinity of opportunities and amplify their impact and visibility on the economic landscape.


What are you looking for?

General Manager, Microsoft Europe, France

Former MP, Expert in AI & CSR Standards, Canada

Associate Prof. of Finance & Economie EM Normandie Business School, France

Director of ISET'Com & Senior Lecturer in Cybersecurity, Tunisia

Founder & Managing Partner, Digital Partners, France

Managing Principal Director, Capco, France

CEO Systnaps, France

VP AI & Engineering - Investor QIO Technologies, Germany

Co-Founder & CEO, Value, Tunisia

Chairman of the Advisory Board of Pristini School of AI, Tunisia

VP, Order of Chartered Accountants, France

Professor of Computer Science, ENIS, Tunisia

ICT Director, ALECSO, Tunisia

AI & Cyber Security Expert, France

Co-founder/CEO, Campusna, Tunisia

General_Manager, CDC, Tunisia

Founder Mind_of_Mind, Tunisia

Executive Director, Institute for Experiential AI, Northeastern University; Chairman, Open Insights, USA

PwC Global Digital Leader, Former Finance Minister, Tunisia

Engineering Director, Google, USA

Head of Developer, Startups & VC Ecosystem, NVIDIA, USA

Chief Executive Officer, RTIT CONSULTING, France

Fintech & Blockchain lawyer, Dalaw, France

Data, AI and Innovation Delivery Manager at Amaris Consulting - TN Hub

ML Data Lab Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Germany

CEO COGEPHA | Healthcare Logistics, Tunisia

Director general of AICTO, Tunisia

Full Professor in Business Computing at IHEC Carthage, PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Tunisia

AI R&D Expert - Neoledge, Professor in Artificial Intelligence, Tunisia

CEO, Technagile, France

Security Director of the Information System, STEG, Tunisia

PhD, Director of Internships and External Relations, ISG Tunis

Managing Director, APII, Tunisia

President of Mellinum @Edu, Portugal

Chartered Accountant, Digital Transformation Consultant, Tunisia

Associate Professor in Economics, GROUPE ESPI, France

Doctor in CIS, Journalist, Tunisia

Founder & CEO AI BRIGHT, France

Chief Innovation Officer, Novation City, Tunisia

Co-fondatrice et CEO de Seabex, France

Program Manager, AllianzGPT, Germany

Join us at BIGTECH June 26-29 2024.