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  • Visibilité & Notorieté
  • Networking & Génération de leads
  • Accès à l’innovation à l’écosystème des startups
  • Présentation des produits et services
  • Relations avec les médias et attraction des talents

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About Job Fair

The Job Fair aims to reshape recruitment by returning to its core essence – the human factor. The job fair aims to create meaningful connections between companies with human resource needs across various sectors and a qualified network of young talents, graduated students or future graduates in different specialties . The Job Fair is committed to addressing the shortage of suitable recruitment profiles for companies and enabling young individuals to take stock of their skills and lay the first milestone in their career.


The Distribution of Recruiting Companies by Industry Sector

+18 Recruiting Company

Digital & IT Companies
Banks & Insurrances
Audit and consulting firms
Major industries

Job Fair Exhibition

The recruiting companies, each from their own stand, will expose their entities to the job-seeking community, so that the Job Fair will be the creator of meaningful connections between these two parties and the catalyst of employability.


Les Workshops de Recrutement

Le workshop de recrutement permet à chacune des entreprises recruteuses d’entrer en contact direct avec des candidats intéressés par leurs offres d’emploi afin d’approfondir la connexion entre ces deux parties, augmenter la chance de dénicher les profils adéquats pour les recruteurs et facilité l’accès à l’employabilité pour les chercheurs d’emploi.